Friday, 29 November 2013

It's not dead yet! (The project that is)

Well, after a bit of a hiatus I've got some finished figs here for you all to peruse. It isn't easy working with my back as buggered up as it is, but I can finally sit down for more than 20 minutes! 
Deep joy! 
I've kept myself busy with other small jobs such as priming, filing mold lines, and ensuring the livelihood of others via eBeast (sounds better than blowing money) I've also become completely infatuated with 2nd edition space marine (6mm) and have enough figs for a tactical company, 2 full land raider companies and a tactical detachment to boot. I've no idea how to paint the little guys but that's a project for another day. 

I stopped awhile back with the oxy's as they're for schemie scruff and I'm no fan of (hard) drugs.
Right; onto the good stuff (shit iphone pics)

An aerial view

Full frontal (cheeky monkey)

My fave of the (small) lot

I would like to thank Mr Blue for his most excellent Basing Tutorial, I by no means did it justice. I must say that the first flock step consisting of the small green clump foliage is absolutely as vital as Mr Blue says. 
I hampered myself by only using the materials I had on hand. I do think the results would have been improved had I used exactly what was prescribed in the tutorial. Ah well. 
That being said I'm quite happy with the results, only 38 more to go! Ugh.

P.S. I would like to again thank everyone who took the time to wish me an expedient recovery.  I'm very much appreciative. 


  1. Those Skaven are looking great! Nice choice of models! I'm slowly collecting a Skaven allied contingent for my own Oldhammer games...close to being done collecting the minis, but haven't started painting them yet....

    1. Careful collecting the rodentia superioris they have a strangely addicting nature to them.

  2. Good to hear you're on the mend my fellow Ratie Chum. The minis are looking great, very nice basing technique, don't do yourself down!

  3. Cheers but you should check out Blue's tutorial his minis look much better

  4. those Skaven look great well done.