Sunday, 22 December 2013

62 Goal met. Job done.

My goal of 60 has been met before the year's end. The 'one a day challenge' went to shit but hey, c'est la vie; regular life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works. 
Here's the battle line thus far:
Some finished (really finished; no shield required) Plague Monks
Due to an error in nomenclature I've been forced to use some skavenslaves as Clanrats. I've also been forced to use some Clanrats with hand weapons to round out the numbers. I picked up some old school plastics. This guy came as a bonus(?!) in the lot from eBeast:
I'll use this as his 'before' pic. 
With 62 done I think I'm going to shoot for 73 which should be totally obtainable since we're getting 6 inches of freezing rain tonight. Hey why not we only got 3 inches Friday.
Up yours old man winter I'm not going to work in the land of Narnia it looks worse than Hoth out there.

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  1. Fantastic job and impressive sight! Looks very Skaven!