Thursday, 26 December 2013

What's acceptable?

Proxying. A dirty word for most wargamers, however in the Oldhammer movement as it is in any defunct miniature based system it has become a necessary evil.
Personally, I am all for elaborate custom made pieces that modellers more talented than myself are able to create. This is epecially true when the aforementioned models all tie into a theme, particularly one that cannot be found in distribution by any miniature manufacturer. These armies are usually flavourful, full of backstory and more often than not belong to opponents which care more about playing than winning. 

The proxying I refer to is that of 'counts as' ie "this unit of swordsmen counts as spear men" or "hey these thugs with bows are beastmen with two handed weapons" 
This vexes me to no end. Perhaps it all comes down to playstyle. I'm definately a happy to play and have a good time than a win at all cost type. I firmly believe in the Build a list and to hell with the odds school of gaming otherwise known as the "Stillmatic" approach to army building found in white dwarf 219-221. I make a list, I buy and collect it, I don't change a thing. 
With real life in the way I take every chance to play nearly any game system whenever possible. Thusly I play the same guys because there's no one else to play and some of my opponents will regularly "proxy" to gain an advantage.
All in order to win. 
This brings me to my quandary. 
These arrived in the post Christmas Eve. A few jes goodwin eldar, a war walker,  two dreads with bitz which can be assembled as any variant and an assassin pattern ghost warrior. 
Into the jar for stripping. 
The standard eldar pirate list in the book of the astronomican has 2-8 serpent squads, I am low on hand flamer/flamer armed troops and have tons of others casts. 
I'm thinking of just using one specific casting and telling my opponent they are carrying flamers. I'm not trying to gain an advantage, these are troops I require to maintain the compulsory troops and I wouldn't think of not fulfilling army requirements. 
Is this acceptable? Does this fall under powergaming?
Would you allow an opponent to try this with you?

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  1. Sounds alright to me mate. Let your opponent know and I'm sure it'll be no problem at all. It's always a chore when your opponent forgets and makes an error because models aren't WYSIWYG so maybe paint up a spare plastic fuel canister part, or something, to rest on the base.