Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Today's progress

A nearly finished unit of rat ogres and two mounted characters 
The more keen eyed of you will of course have noticed the frame has now been properly aligned since last post; it was off by 3 degrees and was driving me mental. Rest assured after much sanding trimming and swearing it is fixed now. I'm not sure if I should've gone with a pair of grey rat ogres with a black one; the unit looks a tad drab but meh, it's done. I've got two more in the strip jar, would love to one day field two units of 6! 
I placed gnaw doom on an elevated base to make him stand out from the rest of the pack. It's just a cork chopped up and pressed into a blob of green stuff but the results are alright. I'll be including a familiar to go with him just because it's cool and I'm (nearly) sick of painting rats! 

My list calls for a 15th level beastmaster to accompany my rat ogres and their handlers; throt is one of my favourite sculpts of all time. Pinning that sword arm was a bit tricky, but it's well worth it; I'll take him and hope for the third arm chaos attribute! 
Last and most least; 
BSB 10th level hero, Talismanic and Relic magical properties. It's turning out much better than I thought, I trimmed the cross beam and dug round the bits box for an old rackham banner top that I'm sure will fit the job, all that's left now is to create a custom banner which is actually quite a lot of work I would think...
101 done, 88 to go! 


  1. Excellent, especially lovely bases on the Rat Ogres. Their relatively smaller size allows more of the 40mm base to be visible and they look great.

  2. Cheers
    They are relatively puny for what constitutes a large target. They were built up on tree bark to give them some height.

  3. Hey mate, have a smoke and some liebe... I just liebstered you, for what it's worth. =)

    Also, those old rat ogres are right proper!

  4. Thanks for the liebstering
    I'm very busy with painting maybe when there's more time!

    1. No problem, painting is more important! =D

  5. Great looking unit of Rat Ogres. Nice Work! That standard bearer looks promising, too! There's nothing like a huge, oversized army standard to conjure up that old school feeling!

  6. Thanks mouse, lots of work still to go til the banners done