Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Clan Scourge goes Moulder

After a very enjoyable game last weekend I came to realize... I don't really like this army. In fact, the only reason I chose the Skaven in the first place was a steal off ebay for some rat ogres. Well, I'm going to take more clan Moulder troops, many many more in fact, the first steps towards completion be;
More beastmasters! 
Now I know the army book say a max of 8 animal handlers, but what can I say sometimes Mr stillman gets things wrong. Look forward to many more rat ogres, chaos hounds and giant rats here to come. 


  1. Interesting. I've been running into the same problem with my own horde. I've maxed out my clan moudler packmasters and I'm wishing I could take more. (love those units of giant rats!) You can't fix the issue by taking a skaven allied contingent either because skaven allies cant have clan moulder stuff. It's annoying.

  2. If you're theming an army then sod Warhammer Armies, just build an army from the rules in the main book.

    The alternative is to either use giant rats from the host or to play a later edition!

  3. I love a clan specific Skaven Army.
    And Clan Moulder is grand: especially when they get CHAOS HOUNDS. Those classic 1980's models are beauties. I have a few painted versions, if you want to see pics.

    1. Yes sir sully I would love to see some pics. Unfortunately I will be using the much larger "size of a warhorse" ones circa 2003 for mine. BOO HISS! I hear you cry but I may have found some suitable wolf rats at the meagre price of €36 for 3. What a deal! Oh plus shipping. Wa wa not happening.

    2. This is a stupid question, but were there ever miniatures for wolf rats?