Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Black Skaven Part 4

Hello all, It's been a wee while since my last post, and despite some serious "real life" issues getting in the way, I've managed to get 4 more Black Skaven finished and it feels pretty damned good. 
I had to substitute old lead with some of the 2nd Ed plastic Clanrats circa '95;
I can already hear the boo-hisses coming from some of the old hammer elitests out there but I think they came out looking pretty slick. 
The reds came out pretty damn fine: nice and matt, actually red, not orange or yellow which I've made the mistake(s) of in the past. 
The true reason I used the plastics was to save these guys;
To use in my Stormvermin unit, I figure their weapons are menacing enough to count as double handed and with their addition the unit has now reached 13 figures! 
These two Black Skaven are the ones I'm the most proud of (so far)
I couldn't be more pleased with their shoulder pads, the one on the left came close to blending, something I've not done in a dogs age.
Even the beige work came out better than the last batch:
Well that's it for now, seven more to go, well I should probably do 8 in case I want to hide a plague censer bearer or assassin in there, I mean no I'd never do something as underhanded as that.....

Comments are always welcome, I was a bit snippy with my replies last time round but I had some real shit going on. 
That's no excuse and it's not right to take it out on my loyal viewership, I apologize. 
So please comment, let me know what you like, don't like or anything 
Thanks as always for stopping by! 


  1. Very nice work. I actually quite like the plastic skaven you have used, but I agree they need to be mixed in with other fuigures.


    1. Thanks C40k
      They were a real pleasure to paint compared to some of the old Stormvermin casts I've done recently.
      I think there will be 4 of the plastics in the unit of 20 so they shouldn't stick out too badly, I've also secured 20 of the original plastic Skaven shields from the "fantasy regiments" box, so that should help tie them in and with matching bases, well Bobs your uncle.
      Onto the Stormvermin +2 shock elite next.

    2. I look forward to seeing the whole unit. By the way, forgot to say you are justly proud of those 2 you point out, they look really nicely done.


    3. Cheers C40k
      Always nice to complimented by someone whose ork you admire.

    4. Aw shucks!

      Cheers, mate ;)


  2. This is some of your best work. The reds look great, but there are other features that you didn't mention -- the tails, for example, are grand: nasty and ratty. I also like the way the blades turned out on the plastic guys. Do you use a blue ink wash? It looks like it, because in these pics, those swords seem to glow.

    I agree with Classic 40K that the plastics look just fine, especially when folded into a until with metal minis. I was always fond of those crappy little plastic skaven that came in the box of Advanced Heroquest...

    1. Thanks Sully,
      The plastic clan rats are a real joy to paint, they hold washes so well, the blue tinge on the blades may have come from my spot lights, just AP dark tone wash.

  3. Looking good Dude, can't wait to see them all ranked up =)

    1. Cheers Snicks
      So few to go, but lots to do plus a standard, then shields, movement tray, I'm not going to complain: it's not as though you see a full unit of 20 in 3rd edition in person, or at least I haven't, yet.