Friday, 18 April 2014

Today's progress

Been pretty active at the painting table past couple days. Here's the horde as it stands now

Comes out to 541pts all together, without characters 812pts total viable with them included. That's nearly 1/3 of the way there.
I've also put my new dremel to work when I found this after emptying my last jar of stripping: 
Er can someone give me a hand? (Ha)
So, for the first time in 18 years I piched up a dremel, inserted a paper clip pin and trimmed an extra zombie arm laying (ha, get it laying not lying, because zombies are dead... Nevermind) around and then for the first time ever...I used greenstuff!
And from the back
Pretty happy with myself. In the past I would've just bunged him out, I'm glad he was salvaged. 

Thursday at the bi weekly parental meeting I was given a box by the maternal full of "little men" as she put it. 
It was quite the haul of 90s lead, which I will not get into as I hate the na-na-look-what-I-got-posts. Below is a teenage paint job;
Gaudy huh? So they wen in the dip with an assortment of figs I thought lost forever. Sadly two of them were the last plague monks I need to finish the unit so the unit will not be finished this weekend. It sucks that you have to put a regular infantryman in place of a hidden model inside a unit until the hidden model is revealed. It puts the onus on the collector to dish out more dough for old lead. Ah well c'est la vie. 
I'm off to a friends to get a little drunk, maybe I can finally get some work on the "knight project" (gasp) 

Happy Easter everyone. 


  1. Gaudy? Perhaps, but I really like the skin/fur tones on the one with the whip.

    Knight project? Excellent! What are you thinking of going for?

    1. I signed up when asslessman first posted the knight project only now have I had the chance to get some work in on the caribou knight

  2. Rather impressive :) Good job mate.

  3. Shocking that so many figures can add up to so few points! its am impressive horde now...and will be spectacular when complete!

    1. Thanks, I'm just going to keep grinding away on them, my army calls for over 200 figs so I've got to keep motivated or I'll never get them done

  4. They're coming along beautifully Dude (if indeed you can use an aesthetically pretty word when describing Skaven). I'm actually starting to feel a tad "J" if your horde compared to my own. I'll have to go and smash someone with it to cheer myself up!

  5. Cheers my verminous compatriot, your clan is the greatest collection of skaven I've ever seen! good luck with your conquering of the old world.... But the new world belongs to clan scourge!