Thursday, 24 April 2014

Today's progress

A step in the right direction 
Clan Pestilens plague monks unit nearly finished, the rest are in the strip jar, it'll be awhile before they're ready to emerge. In the meantime I've 28 Clanrats who are ready for cleaning, trimming, basing and painting. 
Also managed to finish:
Some old and middle aged plague censer bearers
Not that pleased with the paint jobs, but the unit's overall aesthetic I find quite pleasing. 
I've just recently started using green stuff. 
About a week ago I posted my first attempt, 
Here's the finished result:

I'm happy with it. He blends in fine with his unit and gave me the confidence to fix this dude:

I've always wanted this fig I think he is THE Skavenslaves leader model, But I could never get my hands on him. U can understand I was more than a bit pissed off when I snapped his feet at the ankle trying to rip him from his base enroute to the strip jar. This one was quite a bit harder than the arm job (ha no hand jobs here Chico!) but in the end I'm glad I stuck with it.
After reading Nico's banner tutorial I started on this: 
I'm really proud of this so far, it's a work in progress so be kind. 
The joint I'm very pleased with 
As you can see I was able to actually bore out half the shaft and pin into the actual grasping fingers. Thank you dremel stylus!! 
Eventually I want to do the "your doom cometh man things" banner a la heroes for wargames but with a skaven twist.  
I had a Pretty productive day (by my standards) more tomorrow I hope; the (near) last of my Skavenslaves and some rat ogres. 


  1. Looking good dude, loving the Plague Monks.

    That Dude is my Army Standard Bearer too, although a much older conversion, I used the banner from the back of the original Doomwheel (ordered through what was Mail Order, could never bring myself to add one, too cheesy for my tastes). I really should get around to doing a new one that's a bit more based around the period rather than one cobbled together from various Skaven ranges.

    1. Thanks dude, I've never used the dome heel either, mainly because the model sucks. Skaven have gotta have a BSB and I already have this fig as a unit leader so I was glad to put this guy to good use. It'll be awhile before he's ready for a coat of paint that's for sure!

  2. The aesthetic is great! Definitely a diseased and chittering horde ready to overthrow the complacent burghers of a corrupt imperial town.

    That banner conversion works really well; have you got a link to the tutorial because I think I'd like to give it a go.

    1. Thanks, I'm not doing the tutorial justice;

    2. I'll look it up. Cheers!

  3. Looking good, like the banner, and glad you could save the broken legs! Glad you are back to making some good progress. Would be very cool if you could have them done by this fall. I'll be announcing something cool over on Oldhammer In The New World, so watch for it!