Thursday, 12 March 2015

Clan Eschin Koga Ninja Team

Hey guys, I've finally finished my gutter runners, they've taken me a dogs age, not because they are beautiful and I've elected to lavish attention on them, actually quite the contrary. These are in fact the worst skaven sculpts I've ever laid hands on. Oh and I've never painted black before, just a bit of a problem. 
As my regular readers know; to get my horde finished I've used nothing but neat even base coats and a carefully applied wash coat with some kick ass basing to get them table ready. But with the amount of overlap in the modelling of these sculpts (nets, swords, cloaks etc) neat base coating has required about 5 times the work of a Clanrat.
I've done what I can with my meagre skills but they've been a real chore. However, they're done and boy am I'm glad. I've tried to vary the blacks (grey, blue, flat) while also including some of the main force's colours to tie them in. I even bothered to paint the underside fur  on their cloaks and pick out their elaborate cloak pins and belt buckles just to add some detail. 

This is my unit champion, I actually like how he turned out. 

All the work is well worth it as Gutter Runners are a huge tactical asset in 3rd edition! They're skirmishers, they're scouts, all of their attacks are poisoned, 
they get slings and throwing knives plus they move/charge nine inches (with light armour and shield/net) a turn? Yes please!
In conclusion I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the anime flick "Ninja Scroll", not the most stellar of contributions to the genre but I saw it for the first time while very young and the term Koga Ninja Team has stuck with me. 
Thanks for reading, please comment and let me know how you think they've turned out.


  1. They look great - your technique for doing Skaven skin (as seen best in the champion) is really cool - very lifelike.

    Now I am going to have to see Ninja Scroll! Where have all the ninja movies gone? Why do we have romantic comedies but no more ninja movies?

    1. Thanks Sully, I think he turned out the best of the metal bunch, there are a pair of plastics from 16years ago! I'm just glad they're battlefield passable, I would love to add a second squad but that would be some form of torture I'm sure.
      Strangely enough ninja scroll DOES have a love story to it. But, mostly just bloody murder. It's old and not particularly good but it has nostalgic values.