Friday, 20 March 2015

Today's Progress: An Homage

Clan Scourge is now down to the last thirty odd models, 20 of which are +1 shock elite Black Skaven with halberds.
I want them to stand out from the usual basecoat, wash, varnish method I've used for the rest of my horde. 
They'll take a lot more time but they're worth it. 
I plan to paint them in the classic Stormvermin scheme from the original Skaven army book besides the painted toenails;
Here's my work in progress:
These are the newest sculpts I've got, the rest are Oldhammer. 

A long way to go, a long, long way! But I'm still working away, posting will be slow but when the unit is halfway finished I'll get some better pics up. 
Good luck with whatever it is you're up to and thanks for looking. 


  1. Looking nice. I did love the 4th edition Stormvermin, just a shame they were a tad on the hefty side, but really characterful, lush minis.

    Keep going dude, Clan Scourge looks excellent.

    1. Thanks Sniks,
      I've always loved the sculpts as well, they were the bees knees when I was younger and so I'm very glad to own them now.
      I'm planning to play them as "The Immortals" so the red armour will be most fitting, as you can't see them bleed.
      The real irony is that my army general is named Xerxes...