Monday, 23 March 2015

Black Skaven Part 2

Hello all, I was supposed to wait until the unit was halfway done before posting my progress but, it has been quite a while since I've put this much effort into painting figs; drybrushing, edging, layering are all things I've not done in a dog's age. 
With the exception of the skin and weapon shaft everything else got at least two highlight coats. I like how the red turned out; it didn't come out orange at all while hits in all the right spots (I think)
And the rear
They're going to look especially good once the unit is finished and I can get the basing done in one fell swoop.
This is the look I wanted to emulate and I think it's a reasonable facsimile. 
Let me know what you think, comments welcome! 


  1. I think they look good. If I could make one suggestion it would be to add a highlight or two to the skin on the faces. I personally am all for economy and usually one highlight is enough for me on things like trousers and whatever. but, on faces I would typically put up to 6 highlights, just because it is just such a focal point of the model.

    Great work anyway!


    1. I totally agree with you on the highlights but the skin on these chaps are the only thing tying them to the rest of my army.
      Once I move on to my space elves thee will be facial highlights galore believe me!

    2. Fair enough! They look great as is anyway :)


  2. They look great - the red uniforms will make them a really effective contrast with the rest of your filthy horde. Really cool.

    I'm also happy that you're adding some elites to your army. Now I just need to somehow convince you to break the rule about Skaven baggage trains! Maybe the Skaven bring an Ark of warpstone into battle as their baggage...

    1. As you know Sul I despise elites but, I have them, they're bringing me closer to my 3k goal and it was a joy to actually paint something not just basecoat and wash.
      I'm glad u like them as your painting skills far surpass my own, so it does mean something to me, cheers!
      As for a baggage train it would most likely be slaves and their masters, but a warp stone arch would be cool.

  3. they are looking great, I recently got hold of one of these baby's since I 'misplaced' my ones I brought in the early 90's, They really are nice figures, can't wait to finally slap some paint on him.

    Your homage to that classic WD unit really is coming on a treat, so keep it up.

    1. Well DR I think u and I may be the only two blokes out there who like these sculpts, personally I find them quite menacing, as if they are saying "Right you lot let's step in and get it done yeah?"
      I'm glad you are enjoying my homage, only 15 to go, plus shields, and the standard, and basing and oh God.